2024 – Europe braces for a busy year!

As the dawn breaks across the five regions of Europe and our leagues begin, Gaelic Games & culture surge through cities, pitches, and pubs. A sign that the GAA continues to resonate deeply throughout our communities across the continent.

In Europe, we stand on the brink of a record-breaking season, brimming with games, new clubs, increased memberships, and fervent participation. We celebrate the mighty progress driving us toward the regionalisation of Europe into five autonomous leagues. It’s a stirring endeavor embraced by Europe’s devoted volunteers, who selflessly dedicate themselves to this historic mission.

Year after year our growth persists, yet so do the hurdles we encounter in shaping GGE (Gaelic Games Europe). These hurdles span socio-economic gaps, cultural nuances, and linguistic barriers. Most profoundly felt, however, is the departure of longstanding stalwarts from our County Committee.

As we march into 2024, the absence of John White, a revered GGE Hall of Famer, looms large. For seven remarkable years, he enriched our vibrant community with his dedication and spirit. Now, our 2024 committee must forge ahead, navigating new paths without his guiding presence on the committee.

No doubt John will continue to lead from the sidelines in Zurich!


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A quick chat with John.

How and when did you get involved with GAA in Europe?

I started playing in Zürich in 2002 and some years later I attended the 2015 GGE Annual Convention in Maastricht, as a Zürich Inneoin Club Delegate. GGE was looking for volunteers and one of the positions that was open was Assistant Treasurer. I took on the job in 2016

Were you involved with any GAA clubs in Ireland?

Yes, I played with The Heath GAA Club in Co. Laois from 1975 to 1986. I played every grade from U/12 to Senior. I am still a member.

In your role, you’ve likely worked with some inspiring volunteers over the years, would you like to mention anyone who stood out to you?

Alexander Sanmartin Costa, former GGE Coaching Officer, founded Estrela Vermelha GAA Club, Galicia in 2012. He has worked tirelessly to promote Gaelic Games in Galicia over the years.

Do you have any highlights from over the years with Zurich Inneoin?

Winning the Hurling three-in-a-row in 2006.

Favorite European city to go to for a tournament?

München (Munich, Germany)

Throughout your years of work on the County Committee, what has been the most significant moment of growth? Or, what are you most proud of?

In general the continuous growth of Gaelic Games across Europe. I am proud of playing a small part in helping the development.

What advice would you have for future volunteers who might be considering stepping into a leadership role within GGE?

Give it 100% from the heart. Try and find the balance between private-work, and GAA life. Is cuma cad a dhéanann tu ar chor ar bith é a dhéanamh go maith.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge that Gaelic Games Europe faces in its spread around Europe?

Funding, Volunteers, and Logistics

What would you like to see Europe, as a County, accomplish soon?

I would like to see Co. Europe take part in the All-Ireland Junior Championship.

GGE thanks you for the great work John!


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By Alan Fitzgerald Thu 22nd Feb