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Welcome to Gaelic Games Europe!

Gaelic Games Europe is the officially recognised governing body for the continent of Europe (excluding the UK & Ireland) for the three Gaelic games and cultural organisations – the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA) & the Camogie Association (CA) whose headquarters are based in Dublin, Ireland.

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Latest News

The latest edition of the GAA World Podcast features the latest news from the Galician and Andalusian leagues in Spain. You can listen to the podcast in full below:  

What is Health and Wellbeing? Since its formation the GAA has been about more than just providing a sporting and cultural outlet. Over the years the GAA have developed a strong ethos combining health and support through clubs Counties and

Time to update your agenda with 2018 match fixtures and other events. The Competition Control Committee (CCC) has just released the 2018 MFP (Master Fixtures Plan). This is the first time that the calendar of matches, tournaments and other European gaelic

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