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World Games Memories part 1 with Pat Daly and Guests

A year to the day after they ended, we revisit the Renault GAA World Games 2019.  GGE had the largeest contingent there and fully embraced the ethos of the event – Be part of something great!

In part 1 of this 2 part review, we speak with GAA’s Pat Daly who brought the games to life and to his native Waterford.  He tells us just who the GAA are and how the World Games can help the association grow in the right way.

And what is wellbeing and how is it related to the Kazan Action Plan?  Pat has the answers and the awards!

We hear from 4 players who represented teams from GGE and it almost sounds like an idea for a Celia Ahern book – a Galician, a Frenchman, an Aussie and a Russian all arrived in Ireland and fell deeper in love, with Gaelic Games.  Oli Garcia, Matthieu Coq, Wenjing Zhuang and Anna Borisova share their memories.

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