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This Sunday’s Game – GGE’s Podcast goes live!

Gaelic Game Europe have just launched a podcast – “This Sunday’s Game” – and will bring all the news, views and interviews from Europe and beyond.  Lots of Gaelic Games, sports and some very special guests.  We throw in with GGE Chairperson Tony Bass, talking the cost of coronavirus to the growth of Gaelic Games in Europe, the chance to innovate and recover, and most importantly, the terrific initiatives by Gaels of all nationalities across Europe to help their communities.

And host of the award winning Lunchtime Live on Newstalk FM, Dr Ciara Kelly, joins for an inside look at coronavirus and lockdown.  Having contracted the virus in March, she was hit with a double whammy when her daughter fell ill too.  Her road to recovery has more than a few giggles and her changed perspective is one we will all identify with.
“This Sunday’s Game” goes out at 5pm (CET) each Sunday and Wednesday and can be downloaded and streamed from a range of sites including Soundcloud and iTunes.

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