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This Sunday’s Game: David Brady on listening, Peter Staunton on Mayo Pride

Western Awakening: The show has a very green and red colour today though the talk will mostly be about the excellent initiative of #itsgoodtotalkgaa

David Brady has been a winner on and off the field, and his creation of the #itsgoodtotalkgaa has been a gamechanger for many.  The idea has been copied by other sports organisations and gone far beyond spots.  David joins to chat about the reason why he began it and surprises us with who has joined in.

Peter Staunton is a leading soccer writer and Senior Editor with the World’s largest soccer website, goal.com.  He’s also from Castlebar and is waiting for the day when Sam is covered in green and red ribbons.  He also gives a little insight into the “curse” that could yet prevent Mayo from an All-Ireland win.

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