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The Offical Sponsors of Gaelic Games in Europe. Thank you for all your help and support! Please take a moment to visit their sites!

We Are Gaelic Armour

When we see our county teams take to the pitch we see what are classed as amateur athletes, with all the attributes of professionals, both on and off the field. The passion, the commitment and the sacrifices are indisputable. These athletes give everything for the pride and privilege of pulling on their county colours and this should not only be recognised, but honoured.

Our recognition of the devotion of these athletes is what drives us at Gaelic Armour. It drives us to match their devotion by pushing the boundaries of sportswear innovation. It drives us to test the limits of modern sportswear design and it drives us to break down the barriers to change and create the future of Match Kit and Teamwear not only for our beloved athletes, but for all stakeholders of our national games.

There’s no denying there’s something special about wearing your club or county crest on your chest. The lifelong supporter, the local volunteers, the underage coach, the team captain. All connected by a love and respect for that badge and all it represents. Inclusiveness, community spirit and, teamwork and a profound sense of belonging.

As manufacturers we are trusted by these people to uphold their identity and to tell their clubs unique story. We have a responsibility to always put this first and understand the role Gaelic Armour plays in protecting and enhancing this special organisation.

At it’s core Gaelic Armour is a GAA Sportswear brand that develops, designs and manufactures in Nenagh Co. Tipperary. We are player centered, design focused and innovation obsessive. We endorse supporting local, we encourage community spirit and we insist on quality.

GAAGO is a Media Partner of the Gaelic Games Europe GAAGO is the official streaming service for Gaelic Games outside of Ireland

oilte’s mission is to showcase the craftsmanship of handmade sports goods. Our passion for all things handmade and custom stems from visits to our local workshops for custom surfboards, hurleys and fishing rods. In a world of fast everything, cheap, mass-produced products, we believe in sustainable, high-quality hand-made equipment and the experts that create them. We’re dedicated to understanding what makes each creator unique and bringing their craft to the world.

Leinster Council is the official twinning partner of Gaelic Games Europe The Leinster Council is a Provincial council of the Gaelic Athletic Association sports of hurling, Gaelic football, camogie, rounders and handball in the province of Leinster. Leinster Council’s main contribution to this goal is the provision of resources such coaching and referees.

The GAA is a Governing Body Partner of Gaelic Games Europe The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is Ireland’s largest sporting organisation. It is celebrated as one of the great amateur sporting associations in the world. It is part of the Irish consciousness and plays an influentialrole in Irish society that extends far beyond the basic aim of promoting Gaelic games. It was founded on November 1 1884 at a meeting in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, by a group of spirited Irishmen who had the foresight to realise the importance of establishing a national organisation to make athletics more accessible to the masses and to revive and nurture traditional,indigenous sports and pastimes. The Association today promotes Gaelic games such as Hurling, Football, Handball and Rounders and works with sister organisations to promote Ladies Football and Camogie. The Association also promotes Irish music, song and dance and the Irish language as an integral part of its objectives. The GAA has remained an amateur Association since its founding.

The LGFA is a Governing Body partner of the Gaelic Games europe Founded in 1974, Ladies Gaelic Football is still recognised as one of the fastest growing female sports in Europe. With over 1000 clubs in Ireland and membership growing by the day, Ladies Gaelic is reaching women and girls from all over the country. Not stopping there however, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association has many overseas clubs, one of the latest additions coming from Cape Town in South Africa. The Ladies Gaelic Football Association provides a social outlet and a healthy activity for thousands of people around the world. Starting with club football for primary schools girls, an individual can keep playing Ladies Gaelic for as long as she wants, especially now with our Gaelic4Mothers&Others initiative for those adults interested in recreational or non-competitive participation. The Ladies Gaelic Football Association strives to be a modern, innovative and well run organisation that provides a quality service and support system for all members, from an 8 year old girl kicking her first ball in her local club to an elite athlete scoring her first point in Croke Park.

The Camogie Association is a Governing Body Partner of the Gaelic Games Europe Camogie, as part of the family of Gaelic games, makes a significant contribution to Irish culture. The Camogie Association, the GAA and Ladies Gaelic Football Associations differ in origin and resources, our common ethos creates a ‘bond’ and an affinity between us. The shared ethos of the three Associations includes: Promoting Irish culture through our games A commitment to the amateur status of our players A commitment to voluntarism A commitment to our community and family base Within the Gaelic Games family, Camogie is a natural extension of the hurling community. The GAA, as the governing body for men’s Gaelic Games and as the community base of Gaelic Games, is of huge importance to Camogie, from club to national level. Its ongoing support, through the generous provision of facilities, finance and other resources, is key to the well being of Camogie.

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