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Hurling Shield Proposal

Cup and Shield proposal  tournament format for the season 2017

  • At all five rounds, all participating clubs/ teams shall compete together in seeded group games, in the same way as the current seeding structure.
  • The top four teams (1st – 4th) qualify for the semi-finals of the Cup competition
  • The next four teams (5th – 8th) qualify for the semi-finals of the Shield competition. (if time is tight, the CCO can decide that the 5th/ 6th place payoff becomes the Shield Final)
  • Remaining teams to play off for 9th – 10th place and so on. Should there be nine teams competing at a round, the 8th and 9th best teams, based on scoring difference in group games, will play-off, with the winner qualifying for the Shield competition in that round.


  • Clubs/ teams shall still collect the same points (based on the current points structure) irrespective of playing in either competition. So the winner of the Cup at any round is awarded 25 points (1st place) and winner of Shield at any round is awarded 11 points (5th place) and so on.
  • A club/ team that won or competed in the Shield in one round can qualify for the Cup competition in another round and vice-versa.
  • A club/ team can only win either competition after fielding a full team (7+ players) at three or more rounds. So if a club qualifies for the Cup competition at three of the five rounds with a full team (7+ players) they cannot win the Shield but can win the Cup and vice-versa.

Shield example:
Club A, with 7+ players, wins the Shield in three rounds (5th place, 11 points = 33 points), comes 3rd (16 points) and 4th (13 points) in the Cup competition, they finish the season on 62 points.

Club B, with 7+ players, is second in the Shield in two rounds (6th place, 10 points), comes 1st in Shield (5th place, 11 points), comes 2nd in Cup (20 points) and 4th in Cup (13 points), they finish the season on 64 points and pips Team A to the Shield title.

Cup example:
Club C, plays two rounds with 4-6 players (half team*), and wins the Shield in those two rounds (5th place, 5.5*+5.5* points). Then plays three rounds with 7+ players, winning the Cup (25 points) coming 2nd in the Cup (20 points) and comes 4th in the cup (13 points), they finish the season on 69 points.