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Player Registration & Transfer Rules (GAA/LGFA/Camogie)

This is a simple outline (or explainer as some might say) of all the various transfer and permit procedures and deadlines that we operate with in Gaelic Games Europe.

Firstly, every single player playing GAA/Ladies Football/Camogie has to be registered on either the GAA or LGFA ‘Servasport’ management systems. These are the rules that we in GGE have to comply with. You can find links to these systems in the club management section on the GGE website (see link below) with some YouTube videos to watch too.

Now as we know some players here in Europe have played before in Ireland or other regions. Every single person who has played GAA (that’s you men) needs to complete a transfer from your previous clubs, even if the last time you played was under 12’s. Ladies are slightly different- I will explain those later on.



Transfers are allowed throughout the calendar year.

  • All Inter-County and Inter-Club (European) transfers must be fully completed a minimum 7 days before a game or tournament – this allows for the 3 day appeal period after a transfer is approved AND a 3 day registration period as all players must be registered on “Servasport” on the Wednesday before the tournament.


  • Its preferable to use the online Player Transfer System (PTS) (https://pts.gaa.ie/login) for all Inter-County transfers (as transfers from Ireland are known as!), although not all counties in Ireland use PTS – but a paper form is also available to use.


  • For transfers between European clubs you must use the ‘Inter-Club (European)’ form. When a request is received, we check with your previous club to see if there are any objections. If there are none the transfer is processed and recorded.


  • ‘Students permits’ are allowed for students who are registered in an Irish University and attending a university in Europe for a term/period (min.12 weeks) and wish to play for a European team. These permits must be approved by Croke Park a minimum of 3 days before you play i.e. by Wednesday 18:00 CET. A signature from your home club and home county secretary is required as well as signatures from the new European club and European Secretary.

LGFA Rules:

Transfers are allowed throughout the calendar year.


  • Any player who has not played Ladies Gaelic Football for more than 3 years does not need a transfer.


  • Any player who has played within a 3 year period needs a transfer – if coming from Ireland this is the ‘LGFA Inter-Club’ Transfers between clubs in Europe must use the ‘Inter-Club (European)’ form  – transfers are needed if player has played with another club within a 3 year period. All LGFA transfers must have be approved by the Wednesday before tournament/game.


  • Student permits are allowed for Irish students attending a European university (min.12 weeks) – Deadline is 18:00 CET on the Wednesday before tournament/game – use the LGFA Student Permit form. The player must also supply proof of study from the European University.


  • LGFA prefer that all signatures (except the European Secretary’s) are on their forms before they get sent to them. So the onus is on the player transferring to get these signatures – you will need to allow time for the form to be approved by both clubs (and the county in Ireland, if coming from an Irish club) before it goes to the LGFA HQ, so allow about two weeks for processing.

Camogie Rules:

Transfers are allowed throughout the calendar year.

  • No Transfer required if player hasn’t played with any club within last 2 years (24months)


  • If transferring from an Irish club, the player’s transfer must be approved by the camogie Association HQ and then she must be registered by her European club three days before the tournament/game – in other words the Transfer/Permit must be approved in Dublin by the Wednesday before tournament/game. Use the ‘camogie Inter-county’ transfer form.


  • Transfers between clubs in Europe must use the ‘Inter-Club (European)’ form and be approved within the same deadline.


  • A player may play with her home Club in Ireland and a Club in her European Country of study and vice versa, provided she is participating in a recognised programme of study in another European Country, or Ireland, of at least three months duration and she obtains permission from Camogie HQ. Use the ‘Camogie Student Permit’ form

Link to transfer forms : https://gaelicgameseurope.com/resources/transfer-forms/

Link to GAA PTS system : https://pts.gaa.ie/login

How to register people on servasport : https://gaelicgameseurope.com/club-management/servasport-how-to/

All these forms can be sent to secretary.europe@gaa.ie and administrator.europe@gaa.ie

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