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Planting seeds and raising a love of sport, with Orlagh Farmer

Elite level athletes are often seen as sociopathic, self-obsessed and driven in pursuit of personal glory.  So what happens when an elite athlete works, studies and gives her time to keep children playing sport longer? 6-time All-Ireland winning Cork football star Orlagh Farmer joins to explain her mission.

Successful in Gaelic Football and Athletics, Orlagh Farmer comes from a sports loving family and uses her on field success and academic learning to make sports accessible for all.  

She joins This Sunday’s Game to talk about how she got involved with Gaelic Games, the sacrifices she has to make and how much she misses it during lockdown.

In clear language she outlines what is needed to encourage and keep girls playing sports, with a simple template from her PhD research and experience of how to maximise our volunteer efforts.  And she also doesn’t hate Kerry, for now.

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