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The most Northerly GAA game in the world

The World’s most northerly GAA game took place in Oulu, Finland on Saturday as part of the Irish Festival there, between Oulu Gaa and Helsinki Harps Gaa in the second leg of the All-Finnish Gaelic Football Final.

There were about 500 people in the stadium and nearly 200 people watched the live stream. The players were delighted with the game and the experience. Its given them motivation to push on for the future. some of them were very critical of themselves but they are so dedicated to learn more and play more. The 2 clubs want more players to maybe have a 7’s league and maybe enough for 2 teams and grow together.

Helsinki are three years old and have a good few Irish players. Oulu are one year old and only have 3 Irish players at The Irish Festival of Oulu, European County Board (GAA). The weather was wet, cold and the ground slippery. The players, organisers, referee, umpires, announcers, streamer,documentarian, photographers, fans, supporters, family members ETC deserve huge credit for a momentous occasion. What happened today was a truly historic GAA occasion as the most northerly GAA game in the world.

Helsinki Harps Gaa (3-5) – Oulu Gaa (0-4)

Download the complete game here !

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