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Europe’s path to play confirmed

The CCC met on Wednesday night (24.06.2020) to discuss the ongoing situation. We reminded ourselves of the return to action steps we shared with you all in an email on May 1st
1 – training
2 – club activities
3 – matches with local clubs
4 – nationwide matches
5 – regional events
6 – pan European events
Right now most clubs are just returning to training, whereas a small amount are back to contact training. We are still at stages 1-2, net are in to the second half of the year.
We have been keeping in touch with both players and club officers via our code officers over the past few months. There is a general good mood about being back to training, but many are still uneasy with the idea of matches, and especially long distance travel for games. We have also heard stories of people losing their jobs and not having funds to travel. Many have also left the GGE area completely. Based on the feedback, as well as our duty of care to our members, the CCC made the following decisions and recommendations;

– there will be no pan European hurling/camogie tournament this year 
– the hurling & Camogie clubs will be split into 4 groups based on proximity to each other (i.e. clubs close to each other) 
– these groups then play mini leagues to be organized however the clubs feel suits best. We would recommend allowing for the possibilty of traveling there and back on the same day to reduce costs. Game days can be blitz/tournament style or 1v1, whatever the clubs want.  
– the standings in the group could act as qualifiers for a next European wide competition next year where clubs battle out against clubs from elsewhere at their level. (nothing set in stone yet). 
– Sal and Chris are working on the groups and will be in touch soon. 
 We feel that this system has great potential and would be very attractive for newcomers to the sports and family people. 

– We have had news from A Corona that the city council have ended any chance of the club hosting the European Football Finals this year. Based on this and the information from players mentioned above, the CCC will be recommending to county committee to have no European Football Finals (pan euros) in 2020
 – The CCC would strongly recommend that the regions separate in to small groups of 3-4 clubs similar to the system outlined above. Some regions have already started planning for this with Benelux having already decided that this is the system they will use. 
 – Similar to the hurling and camogie, we would see the opportunity for these groups to act as qualifiers for full regional rounds/finals and then a Europe wide level, with the larger events next year or when safe to do so. There are many possibilities, but for now the advice is to keep it small and more local.

Any club interested in handball then please get in contact with our handball officer. There are early plans for a one wall competition in Vienna in Autumn. 

During the open discussion at last convention there were issues raised that the CCC is looking in to; such as monetary fines and penalties for red cards. The issue of ladies pitches is still not solved but we are close to finding a solution on that.Note that the county committee has the power to change the regs and this is where we hope a lot of the regs decisions will be made. Each region should get their rep in place on the county committee to have your voices heard. 

The refereeing will likely have to be done from referees within each group. There are lots of people who qualified as referees but have gone dormant for whatever reason. Now is the time and opportunity to help out. JJ will be hopefully be on hand to coordinate this. If there are no referees in any of the clubs then JJ and the CCC will find a solution.

Our GGE health & welfare officer Anna Marie O Rourke is working with us advising us on what precautions should be taken at games and before games and so on. More to follow on that in the coming weeks and months.

To conclude, there are some big changes recommended in this email so take your time to think about why they are needed, and then the positive consequences they could have, such as the huge potential for local growth of the games. We are starting to slowly get back to the pitches, but lets do it safely, sensibly, and have regard for those that are feeling unsure about the situation. 

Anthony McDermott, Vice chair of the GGE

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