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Games – a quick guide

Gaelic games provide a range of individual and team sports for male and female players of all ages and abilities. There are six different games in the family of Gaelic Games. These are Hurling, Gaelic football, Handball, Rounders, Camogie and Ladies Football.

Hurling/Camogie and Gaelic football/Ladies Football are field invasion games played between teams of  7, 9, 11 or 15 players (depending on facilities/region) while Handball is played by 2 or 4 players striking a small ball against a wall. Rounders is a field game similar to baseball.

Hurling, Gaelic Football, Handball and Rounders are governed by the Gaelic Athletic Association – the ‘GAA’. The Camogie Association and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association govern Camogie and Ladies Football respectively.


Gaelic Football Rules

Gaelic Football (m) & Ladies Football (f)

Team based, field invasion ball games using hands & feet for males and females. Want to know more about Gaelic Football? Follow this link:

Gaelic Football

Hurling and Camogie Rules

Hurling (m) & Camogie (f)

Team based, field invasion, bat and ball games for males (hurling) and females (camogie). To find out more about these games. Follow this link:

Hurling & Camogie

Gaelic Handball

Handball (m/f)

Individual and pairs, indoor/outdoor wall ball game. See more information about GAA Handball here:


Gaelic Rounders

Rounders (m/f)

Team based, field bat and ball game. See more information about GAA Rounders by following this link: