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Your Gaelic Games Events Calendar

With all the craic recently regarding calendars in the GAA it might not be the best time to bring this up, but bring it up I will (since I’m not exactly known for my timing!).

The calendar for Europe is, shall we say, complex.

Spread across Football, Hurling, Camogie, Handball and Rounders and the whole continent of Europe, yeah, 15 countries or something mad like that, PLUS varying degrees of weather like glacial winter and sweltering summers and the local languages (don’t mention the dialects!) the only word for it is, complex.

Its been managed just fine up until this year though, and for lack of a better solution, its ended up on a familiar spreadsheet format.
Not anymore!

In an effort to keep up to speed with technology, make the process of gathering the information easier, expand upon the details some and allow us to find the information easier we have employed a calendar on the website here:

The default categories are Football, Hurling and Camogie as these will of course be what most people are after but hit this button:

and you can choose the different categories (if its not there its cause there’s nothing to show in that category yet!) As you can see those pesky Andalucian Spanish lot have been busy adding events!

Also on this page there is a also very important button, and it’s this one (we have it at the top of the site as well so you can’t miss it!)

Clicking this will produce a pop up window for you to add your event details. Its pretty straight forward, fill in the blanks.
Stuck for an image? Use your club logo!

The only part that you have to do absolutely correctly is the categories.

Choose only three things;

  1. The one sport/type of event you will be holding.
  2. The country the event will be held in.
  3.  Choose Male, Female, Male and Female, Juvenile, Kids and/or Family

*Multiple categories can be assigned (so Female, Juvenile , Family) Could all be added to one event if appropriate. Run with common sense!

By following these steps you will help visitors filter out the events they dont want to see!

Hit submit and done! An email wings its way to the CCC (Competitions Control Committee – the folks who try to make sure there is minimal date clashes!) for Europe.

So why? Well here’s the benefits. We all get to see what’s happening with your local area. That’s important! Then there’s all the folks who would like to see the events and who do not necessarily know Gaelic Games,  from all over Europe get to see them also and that’s marketing and a fringe benefit is the details.

You can define the location of the event and help attract people on the day….there’s probably more but I’m sure you have stopped reading and your busy adding events already!

*One last thing – CHECK the event hasn’t been added already!

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