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First virtual French cup

At this tragic time, sport is not a priority.

All around the world, all competitions are postponed while waiting for the health situation to improve.

In order to give a little distraction to the french gaelic community, French Federation has launched the first virtual french cup. 

Rules are simple. 

All the 25 clubs take part to the competition. A draw (on live) has distribuated participant into a big play-off table :

During the next 2 weeks, each days, teams will face each other in knockout match.

How ? By a contest of likes on Facebook. People can vote for one team or the other. For example, Team A has to collect a maximum of laughing emoticon, team B a maximum of heart emoticon. Everyone, members or not, can participate. Clubs can share to all Facebook community.

Every game lasts 8 hours and half, from 12pm to 8:30pm. Then, the team that has the most reaction in its favor wins the game and moves to the next round. The other is eliminated. But their members can still vote for whomever they want in any game.

A team has 4 rounds maximum to win to win the competition.

The results can be follow in real time with the following link.

Virtual french cup

The aim is to strengthen the ties between gaelic community. We hope that it will be the first and the last edition

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