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Fillos de Breogán… an Outstanding Gaelic Football TeamFillos de Breogán… an Outstanding Gaelic Football TeamFillos de Breogán…. an Outstanding Gaelic Football Team

When I played soccer when I was a child, I always had the dream of catching the ball with my hands and then giving it a kick to score a goal more easily. Now, I can do it because I play Gaelic football. Gaelic, neither Galactic nor Galician. It’s the Irish national sport – better than soccer & rugby. There, in the stout land, this strange and centenarian game moves the masses each weekend. Absolutely amateur, it’s a real religion for Irish people.

As an emigrant nation as the Galicians, the Irish diaspora has established  new Gaelic football clubs worldwide. Although there are some local players, most of them are emigrants from the Shamrock’s country. In Galicia, that hasn’t happened.  Coruña Fillos de Breogán (Corunna Breogan’s Sons) is a unique Gaelic football. Only two players of 29 are Irish. It’s something unusual and logical because in Corunna Province,  there are only one hundred James Joyce’s compatriots. Founded in the autumn of 2010, this year Fillos joins the Iberian Championship again after a commendable 4th place finish out of eight teams last season.

In this club everything is rather special. Its foundation is for the obstinacy of man that writes these lines, who after watching matches in Ireland, fell in love with Gaelic football and with other tenacious adventurers, he started to make a dream come true. Now, after a lot of administrative and financial problems, Fillos de Breogán is for real.  Our men’s team is looking forward to the coming season and to spreading Gaelic games. Our goal is to set up a ladies football team because at the moment we just have 5 players. However, we are optimistic that we will be able to recruit more players in the coming months.

Therefore, Fillos de Breogan is seeking new players who would like to try playing Gaelic football,  a sport that combines aspects of  soccer, rugby and basketball where you can take the ball with your  hands or feet (only four steps before you must bounce it or solo), you are also allowed to  pass it with a fist pass or kick it to score a goal in a soccer goal or get a point between the two upright posts that are similar to rugby ones.

The legends from Leabhar Ghabhála na hÉireann talk about Milesians – Celtic people from Galica who conquered Ireland. They were Breogan’s sons. Now, the new ‘sons’ get ready to continue ancient history,  sweating in the blue and white jersey and playing the favourite sport of Irish people, ‘peil’ as they call it.

Fillos don’t just play in the Iberian Peninsula. Last year, we played in Wexford, in the south of St. Patrick’s island against  St. John’s Volunteers. A few meters from Hercules Tower, where Ith, a Breogan son, sailed to Ireland and later conquered  this island.

Nemo Rangers (Cork) and Fillos have also played in the first running of the Breogan Cup. This year , the second outing will take place in Cork. ‘Corkuña rabuña’ (‘Corkuña’ scratchs).

Our house, www.fillos.tk, is the house of everyone who would like  to join our  family. Gaelic fever has just arrived to Galicia and there is no possible antidote!

Written by:
Wenceslao Garcia Zapata
Chairperson Coruña Fillos de Breogán

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