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Irish Culture

Each Club is required in have an Irish language and Culture officer on the Club Executive, in accordance with rule 7.2 of the Club constitution. The main role of the Irish Language and Culture Officer is to promote the use of the Irish language and to promote cultural activities such as Irish music and dancing in the Club. The Culture & Language Officer position should be filled by someone who has a good working knowledge of the Irish language.

The officer should provide a back-up service in the use of Gaeilge for all Officers and Members and encourage and promote the use of Irish phrases in the clubs business. Cultural activities should be organised through the very popular GAA Scór competition. This is also a great way of including more people in the Club.

He/she should also liaise closely with the County Irish Officer and any relevant Committee and with other Irish/cultural organisations in the area. For more information on this see the chapter on ‘Culture and Heritage in the GAA’.