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The Turonia Gondomar FG was born was born on April 28, 2018 from the hand of ex-players from the neighboring club Keltoi Vigo GAC and who in one way or another had a bond with Gondomar. The need to found a Gaelic club in the Val Minhor region had always been present in the thoughts of one of the Gondomarese. In addition, the circumstances for the foundation were always marked by luck and by the intense work of an indefatigable and committed board. With all this, we can assure that the history of our club is short but intense.

Our NAME, Turonia, to say that it comes from the old lordship in which our region of Val Minhor was included. Much wider, it basically covered the current southwestern Galician lands: from the Veduxo river in the north to the Minho in the south, and from Entenza in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. From the 5th century this primordial feudal lordship of the Land of Turonio was present in the memory of our people until well into the 15th century, its use declining until the present day and currently being reborn in multiple nomenclatures and recognitions. The Land of Turonio referred to the territory of that lord and Turonia to the place of his settlement, to his castle, his fortress… Our Gaelic team strongly wants to remember and honor that ancient and southern force that was the fortress of Turonia. Refuge and meeting place for Turonians.

For our COLORS, we found inspiration in the soft stone egregation of the Serra do Galinheiro, which from any point in our region it is inevitable to see GRAY and powerful. The BLUE of our Turonian T, which we wear proudly on our chests, is that of our flag and blue sky – almost always like this in these Galaic-Atlantic-tropical latitudes -. And the GOLD that refines and frames the blue-grey is nothing more than that of the sun that gives life to these luminous lands.

Our SHIELD has almost been explained with this whole story, but it is worth mentioning that a Gaelic Football ball flies above the silhouette of the Serra do Galinheiro that points to a blue sky. Beneath the thousand-year-old Ponte da Ramallosa – where the three municipalities of Minhor meet: Baiona, Nigrán and Gondomar – flows the Minhor River, small and fast in reaching the sea, but capable of carving this beautiful Minhor Valley.

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