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All the clubs in Spain.

GAA in Spain (Iberia)

The GAA is growing rapidly in Spain especially in the northern region of Galicia. Having taken root around 2002 in the first 5 years the teams where based in highly populated regions or where tourists visited and settled, mainly Madrid, Barcelona and the Costa Del Sol but it did not take long for the exception to happen. The legendary team from Pamplona was born. Consisting 100% of Spanish players this team broke the mould and were fierce in their passion and commitment.

They were the catalyst to begin the expansion of the game in Iberia abut it was not to be, the team eventually folded but this drive was taken up by the Galicians who adopted, no that is not the correct term…devoured would be more appropriate, Gaelic football and drove its development in the region and in turn drove Spains development with teams appearing in Valencia, Gibraltar and more appearing every year as the popularity grew to the stage you see on the map above today.

Having started out with very few teams initially a tournament structure was the only option but as the numbers grew the Iberian Peninsula as it stands is now divided into three regions.


Galicia with the largest concentration of clubs and a strong league structure.


East of Galicia it the teams in the central region play a tournament structure.


More info can be found at Gaelic Games Andalucia

All three regions play a qualification “Champions League” type structure with the 1 winning team form the South, the top 2 qualifying teams from Central and top 3 qualifying teams from the North meeting in a single days tournament, in May, to crown the champions of Iberia, who will then travel to the Pan European Finals later that year.