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Club Information

Nijmegen Gaelic Football Club was established in August 2021 by Monaghan man Ciarán Martin
and his Dutch wife Siep van Hout. After moving to the Netherlands Ciarán felt he was missing a
part of home. Having always played football growing up he figured starting a club would be the
way to go. Since starting the club it has grown faster than anyone could have expected, showing
once again the reach of the Irish abroad and the interest the culture holds for people of different

The club currently has a men’s and a women’s team and is still growing. We accept people of all
ages and of all experience levels. Those interested in the sport with no previous experience will be
taken on and shown the ropes before being taken on to train with the team.

As a club our focus lies on giving Irish people in and around Nijmegen a feeling of home away
from home. To come together and get active in a way that feels familiar. What surprised us in a
sense was to find people of other nationalities (including of course, the Dutch) to be interested as
well! We now find ourselves with a club of around 50 members from all over the world and growing.

Committee Information

Role Name Phone Email
Chairperson Conor Lester EMAIL
Secretary Ciaran Martin EMAIL
PRO Siep van Hout EMAIL

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