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Club: S.S. Lazio Calcio Gaelico

Town: Rome

Area: Rome

Established: 2012

Honour Roll:

S.S. Lazio Calcio Gaelico has been founded on 9th January 2015, replacing Rome Gaelic Football Club and becoming the 62nd section of Società Sportiva Lazio.

The colours of the team are blue and white. The crest consists of a celtic cross surmounted by a golden eagle with spread wings. Inside the cross there is the motto of the club: "Concordia parvae res crescunt" (With concordance, the little things grow). Also in the crest appears the "Red Hand" of Ulster and Tyrone, a deserved tribute to Christopher Taggart, founder of Rome GFC.

The Società Sportiva Lazio is the oldest and largest multisport society in Europe, founded in Rome on January 9th 1900, with currently 63 sections and associated activities and close to 70 different sport disciplines. In its 117 years of history the Società Sportiva Lazio, recognized as “Ente Morale” (Moral Agency) in 1921 “as an example of rectitude for the Youth” and decorated with the “Golden star” (1967) and “Golden collar” (2002) for sport merits, has achieved a very significant palmares: 9 gold Olympic medals, more than 500 international and national titles and more than 1000 at youth level.
Moreover, the Società Sportiva Lazio accounts today, in total, for more than 10 000 athletes enrolled. During its ultra centenarian history, several champions performed with our colors: Silvio Piola (Serie A goals record man), Fausto Coppi (Il Campionissimo in Cyclism), Carlo Pedersoli (Italian swimming and waterpolo Champion), Renzo Nostrini (Olympic fencing Champion), Andrew Howe (European long jump Champion) and many others have contributed and continue to contribute to our ideals and goals.

Lazio’s founder Luigi Bigiarelli, inspired by the first modern Olympic games, chose for the newborn team the colors of Greece, the Olympic cradle, the Eagle of the Roman empire as a symbol and an historical reference to the original land of Latin (Latium vetus). Bigiarelli himself was a sportsman as he won several national and international titles both in Rome and in Brussels where he lived and died in February 1908.

Club Codes:

  • Mens' Gaelic Football

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