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Club: Dresden Hurling

Town: Dresden

Area: Dresden

Established: 2012

Dresden Hurling Club was founded in March 2012. The club has a member base of over 25 people with players coming from Germany, Canada, India, Ireland, Finland, Columbia, The USA and England. Players ages range from 17 to 51, so everybody is welcome and has a place on the team. We play in the European Hurling Championship since 2013. We have organised and hosted friendly games, invitational mini-tournaments, German Hurling Championships and European Hurling and Camogie Championships. Our ladies play on the German Camogie team.

In 2013 we affiliated with 3 other sports clubs in Dresden to join forces and work together to help promote and manage our sports within Dresden. So together with the Rugby, Cricket and Australian Rules Football clubs we have over 250 members in adult, youth, male and female teams. This gives us all cheaper and guaranteed access to the best sports facilities available in Dresden. The club is called RCD e.V. We organise many social events throughout the year including Ski trips, Rafting trips, Hiking, Sports days etc.

Should you wish to join us for a training session, please contact us and we will give you the necessary information. Equipment is provided. If you are not the sporty type but would like to join and help out or just hang out, that would also be great. We also send out a monthly newsletter to our members and those interested around the city with news and information on training, games and social events. Let us know who you are!

Honour Roll:

European Hurling Championship
2016: 5th
2015: 3rd
2014: 3rd
2013: 5th

German Hurling Championship - Chris Hennessy Cup
2016: 2nd
2015: 2nd

Club Codes:

  • Hurling
  • Camogie

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