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Bordigaela Gaelic Football

Bordigaela Gaelic Football

South West, North West

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Bordigaela Gaelic Football

South West, North West

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  • Bordigaela Gaelic Football, Bordeaux

Club Information

The Bordeaux Blanquefort Gaelic Football Club was founded in 2013 and is celebrating its 10th year. It is the first Gaelic sports club in Gironde and holds a strong position at the national level.

The club consists of two men’s teams and one women’s Gaelic football team. Additionally, some players also practice hurling and Gaelic handball during French and international competitions throughout the season.

In terms of sports, both the senior men’s and women’s teams are highly competitive, contending for the French championship title each year. The men last won the title in 2019. Many players participate in international events with the regional selection called “Gascogne” and the French national team.

The majority of the club’s members are French, with a handful of Irish individuals living in Bordeaux, contributing to the maintenance and promotion of Irish culture within the association. Every year, the club welcomes new foreign players who come to study or work temporarily in Bordeaux.

The city of Bordeaux is vibrant, and the association takes advantage of this trend to organize sports and cultural events, bringing joy to both long-time and transient players.

Committee Information

Role Name Phone Email
Chairperson Donal McGloin EMAIL
Vice-chairperson Jean-Baptiste BOUGLOUAN EMAIL
Secretary Baptiste LEZIN EMAIL
Assistant-secretary Kevin JAUX / Fanny LEZIN EMAIL
Treasurer Marion PHILIPPON EMAIL
assistant-treasurer Romain PALVADEAU EMAIL

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