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Charity Game in Italy on Anniversary of Earthquake

Opened on May 25 in the presence of Sports Minister Josefa Idem the stadium of San Possidonio in the province of Modena that became the first center for the displaced after the earthquake twelve months ago, will host a Gaelic football match next weekend between Ascaro Rovigo and Padua Dropkick.

Sports Minister Josefa Idem

San Possidonio (Mo) – Just over 450 kilometres separate Roma from San Possidonio. In between, you can find the Apennines and some breathtaking scenery. Ancient villages and colourful fields, woods and rivers. Unforgettable views of our beautiful Italy that twelve months ago, as in these days, was split by a terrible earthquake that devastated Emilia. Twelve long months have passed and progress has been made, but there is still much to be done to heal the deep wound. In these sad cases sport can often make a small contribution and so Ascaro Rovigo Gaelic Football, along with the eternal friends-rivals Dropkick Padua, next Saturday will try to bring a little ‘peace of mind’ to those people affected by the terrible disaster. Thus, in less than 15 days from the Euro Swiss-Italian tournament in Rome, Padua and Rovigo will return to the field! This time in San Possidonio, near Modena, a place that was hit hard by the earthquake. The event was organized through the efforts of the Friends of Sarzano that for some time, with the support of the Parish of the fraction Rovigo, have had excellent relations of friendship and cooperation with the City of San Possidonio.

For the Rovigo team this will be a special way to celebrate the second anniversary of the founding of the Club, a useful way to better prepare for the third stage of the Italo-Swiss Tournament held in Padua on 15 June. The Paddies have enthusiastically agreed to participate and don’t want to miss the chance to show solidarity. The Rome Gaelic Football Club will also be involved, on the 1st of June, they’ll play at the same time in the capital, with the aim of collecting what they can through a friendly match against the Roma “Aussie” Fc team. This will then be added to whatever’s raised by Ascaro Rovigo and Padua Dropkick. These funds will be donated to the youth activities of SC Possidiese. A small contribution from the Italian Gaelic football community, grateful for the hospitality and friendship shown by the inhabitants of San Possidonio. For Paddies and Ascaro it will be an honor to play on the recently rennovated football stadium in San Possidonio, which opened on May 25 in the presence of Minister Josefa Idem and that twelve months ago became the first center for the displaced, a stadium that for many months became the home of many families who had lost their houses.

The meeting next Saturday will be a good test for three of the eight new referees who participated in the course in Rovigo. Lorenzo Zago will be match director with the assistance of Alessandro Rasi and Alessandro Raimondi.

It promises to be a great day of sport and friendship, and, as always, we should see a hotly contested game, where everyone will do their best to honor the commitment to sport.

The recent stage of the tournament Gaa Italo-Swiss Institute in Rome has shown that when you play with your heart, nothing is impossible and everything is obtainable. The same heart that will be in action on Saturday in San Possidonio to give a day of celebration to friends who are coming out of a difficult year with their heads held high!

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