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Add my gaa email address to Macmail

So you have your new @gaa.ie email address! Great! But your already fed up logging into the officer365 website to read mail and you need to use it so even forwarding it to your personal email wont work.

The solution on a MAC? Add it to MacMail, the default mail client on your laptop (or phone! – its almost the same so this guide should keep you in the right direction!)

1. Open Macmail – find this icon:

2. go to the top left and click MAIL (beside the apple icon) then Preferences

3. Select A (Accounts Tab) then hit B (the + sign)

4. Select the Exchange option

5. Fill in your Name, then your email and your password and hit Sign in!


and thats it! You should now have your mail synchronizing with MacMail.


Posted in Information Technology, News