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Coaching and Games Officer

The main role of the Coaching and Games Officer is to promote best practice in coaching and games development in the Club, helping to ensure that there is a regular programme of games for all players. This is one of the most important officer roles in the Club and each Club should appoint a suitable person to the position.

The coaching and games officer should work closely with the Club Chairperson and the Club Executive to help put in place the best possible coaching and games development structures for the Club. The coaching and games officer should ensure that Go-Games are adopted as best practice in the Club, that a Cul Camp is organised each summer and that a regular programme of games is provided for child and youth players by participating in internal blitzes and blitzes with other clubs etc.

He/she should ensure that all Club coaches have received the appropriate GAA Coach Education training and that Club coaches use all available resources, including the GAA Fun-Do coach education pack. For more information on all aspects of coaching and games activity, consult the games development section of this manual and the Games Development section of the GAA website, www.gaa.ie